20 MIN HIIT CIRCUIT (like + save for your upcoming exercise session! )Burn off two times the energy in 50 % the ti – awesome

20 MIN HIIT CIRCUIT (like + save for your next workout! )Burn twice the calories in half the ti

(like + preserve for your next work out! 🏷)
Burn two times the energy in fifty percent the time. All the exercises in my evolve obstacle are bodyweight and clearly show modifications from rookies to progress. Today’s the last working day to be a part of + get 90% off. (connection in my bio). Don’t miss out on it!
Exercise routine Breakdown:
1️⃣Side Lunge into Substantial Knees
2️⃣Side Plank/Crunch
3️⃣Squat Soar/Lunge Combo
4️⃣Tuck Ins
5️⃣Explosive Push-Ups
6️⃣Alternating Phase Outs
7️⃣Mountain Climber/Jumping Jack Combo
8️⃣Leg Raises
9️⃣Push Back To Push Up
🔟Side to Facet Shuffle to Dash
30 seconds for each workout. Rest 1-3 minutes then repeat🔁
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