THE 5AM CLUB – anyone else read of it Im rather new to this principle but Ill be receiving acquainted – overwhelming

THE 5AM CLUB - anyone else heard of it?  I’m pretty new to this concept but I’ll be getting familiar

THE 5AM CLUB – anybody else read of it? ⏰ I’m rather new to this idea but I’ll be finding acquainted with it in the course of the following 7 days 🎥😆 my next YouTube online video will be me signing up for the 5am club and I just can’t hold out to just take you alongside with me on this minor problem! Tomorrow is Working day 1 🙈
The 5am club is a e book written by Robin Sherma who established the concept of the 20/20/20 5am plan. Not only does this regime improve your productivity levels and results – but it variations your life. Or so men and women say… we will see! 😆 You wake up at 5am and complete:
20 mins of exercise – everything that raises your coronary heart fee 🏃🏻‍♀️ 
20 minutes of planning/reflection – this could be journaling, meditation, gratitude and writing ambitions ✨
20 mins of escalating & understanding – this sort of as listening to a podcast, examining a reserve or understanding in some way 📖🤓
From 6am I will be going for walks Roxy 🐶 and then finishing my major training session at the health club. All just before 9am wherever I sit down to start out my working day of get the job done! 💻📲 I am so energized to see what will come from this – subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see the video (Laura Rose Physical fitness) ❤️
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