Time to SCULPT all those SHOULDERS Arrive do this exercise routine Authentic TIME together with me on YouTube: MadFit Un – mint

Time to SCULPT those SHOULDERS Come do this workout REAL TIME alongside me on YouTube: MadFitUn

Time to SCULPT these SHOULDERS  💪🏼
Appear do this exercise session Authentic TIME along with me on YouTube: MadFit 🙌🏼

👉🏼 Underhand press 12X3
👉🏼 50 % to Whole Elevate 12X3
👉🏼 Upright Row 12X3
👉🏼 Side Lateral Raise 12X3
👉🏼 Double Single Arm Press 6 every single arm X 3

Use lighter weights to tone and determine, and heavier weights to establish and sculpt! 👏🏼
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