Using my OXB out to the mountains this weekend! .Heres a fun point you might not know about me- – impressive

Taking my OXB out to the mountains this weekend! . Here’s a fun fact you might not know about me-

Using my OXB out to the mountains this weekend! 🏕♥️🏔
Here’s a pleasurable point you may possibly not know about me- I unintentionally commenced dwelling definitely minimally. 🤷‍♀️
I moved to Seattle from New York Town 4 many years back with two suitcases containing all my belongings. I was not confident how extensive I desired to remain in Seattle (also, TBH, shifting is a b*tch) so I created it a issue not to obtain way too a lot, and to promote/donate my seldom applied points seasonally- and it just trappedThat assumed is actually actually unusual to assume about simply because, as a child, I was Tremendous sentimental and actually struggled to part with somethingRapid ahead to now: I stay in a 230 square foot micro studio. My unit arrived with a murphy mattress (folded into the wall) and a little kitchen island with two chairs. 1 little closet is crammed with leggings and sweatshirts and the other with mountaineering equipment, coats, and the very same two suitcases I moved right here withThis also crossed over into my daily program. Every single working day it’s leggings, sporting activities bra, and a sweatshirt, a couple make-up fundamentals (after in a even though I’ll toss on my pair of denims), and I really hardly ever just take off my OXB necklace or bracelet. (My OXB goes from mountaintop, to work out, to evening out….and also rest and showers also 🤫)I didn’t get started residing minimally deliberately, it just kind of happened. But I imagine it is made me appreciate the matters I do have and given me far more time and head space to expend undertaking the matters I really like with the individuals I likeI have also come to recognized (and I believe this is correct for all of us) that contentment isn’t dependent on how substantially we have or how substantially we have- but we can, in simple fact, be satisfied with extremely littleEven though I’m hitting the trails, go verify out from wherever you are!
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